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Christmas Carol Singing


Some pictures of our Church singers visiting various homes before Christmas.

Singing at Moira and Tony's House

 Singing at Paul Wheater's House



 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Betty Lund's House


 Singing at Marton Court Centre

Jubilee Celebration Event

The Jubilee Celebration event was agreat success. Almost as soon as the church opened people came flooding in to sample the food and atmosphere and try the craft activities.


Everybody seems to have entered into the spirit of the event as can be seen in these next photos



Everybody had a wonderful time and many local folk came into the church for the first time. The church was well decorated with bunting, flags and other appropriate Jubilee material amd the food provided by the ladies had a very 50's feel (even the blancmange was superb!). Here are a few more photos to help us to remember the event.




Thank you to everyone who helped to make the day a great success. Many tracts were given out during the day and many useful conversationsa were held with those people who passed the church, stopped to talk, but did not come in. However, even those who did not come in were still veryn good natured about the banter outside the church and were quite happy to take some reading material with them. The whole day was a great showcase for the church, but we trust that the Lord will also use it to draw in people into our services and, ultimately, into His Kingdom. Therefore continue to pray that we will have similar opportunities to reach out to people in the future. Let us pray for the Queen too at this special time of the Diamond Jubilee.

Posted On: 05/06/2012