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Christmas Carol Singing


Some pictures of our Church singers visiting various homes before Christmas.

Singing at Moira and Tony's House

 Singing at Paul Wheater's House



 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Betty Lund's House


 Singing at Marton Court Centre

Scripture Distribution


Some of the materials distributed


On two weekends recently scripures and tracts have been distributed. Gideon Members from Church and also the Scarborough Branch of the Gideons gave out 120 testaments to passers by as part of a Gideons Easter promotion. Also, during the Goth Weekend, a team of Church Members distributed approximately 500 tracts to people visiting Whitby for the event. In both cases many people accepted a tract or testament. Some, of course, refused but a number of good conversations took place about the Gospel with individuals, some of whom were served with coffee in the church entrance area. All of this was very positive, but now we need to pray that the Lord will be at work in prompting these people to read what they have been given.

Similar distributions will take place during the Real Lives Week of Mission in May. Please pray for that event too!

Posted On: 26/04/2017