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Evangelical Church




Christmas Carol Singing


Some pictures of our Church singers visiting various homes before Christmas.

Singing at Moira and Tony's House

 Singing at Paul Wheater's House



 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Betty Lund's House


 Singing at Marton Court Centre

Real Lives 22-26 May

2017_Mission_Week_Plan.pdfWe are really looking forward to our "Real Lives" Events from 22-26 May and we hope that many people will attend. Here are some details. Just click on "Looking for more?" for the main evening meetings, which will take place in the church building at 7.30pm each evening. Everyone is welcome.


As well as the main evening meetings, other meetings will be taking place during the day. If you are interested in attending any of these events, the full week's plan is available by clicking HERE.

Posted On: 15/05/2017